čtvrtek 30. dubna 2015


Today we are leaving Volos. We are glad we spent great time here and we learnt so much, we experienced. We are thankful Erasmus + for giving us a chance.

seventeenth day

Today was our last day. We just took some photos of our creation and we edited them in photoshop. Our pretty model was Ance, the girl from Latvia, who was in this experience Erasmus too.

sixteenth day

Today we finished our dress it was our last day at sewing workroom. Sewing machines was really good and we loved working there but we were a little bit sad about leaving this nice place.

úterý 28. dubna 2015

fiftheenth day

Today we cut our model from surface material and we sew it by the hands for the second fitting.

second weekend

We invited museums in Volos - museum of archeology and museum of Volos history.

twelfth day

Today we cut our model from muslin and we saw it by the hands and prepared it for the first fitting.

eleventh day

Today we went to Athens and we visited archeological museum and museum of Akropolis. We also saw changing of castle guard.